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New Season, New Designs! | LACE Creations

LACE Creations is thrilled to share that we have created a new collection of Christmas Ornaments just in time for the Fall 2021 Season. As usual, we strive to push the boundaries in our ornaments with the use of different textiles, beads, and metals to elevate our ornaments from the previous collections. 

The down time has given us the ability to finally take inventory. It's been a struggle, but the task was completed.....Yippee! Additional inventory has been added into the Christmas Ornaments listing and many more products have been added into Clearance with deep discounts. Don't wait too long, because at these prices they won't last long. 

You may have also noticed the increase of Jewelry on the site and may be concerned that we are moving away from our beautiful ornaments. That will NEVER happen! We had numerous beads left over from our ornaments and they were relegated to bins without a purpose. One day we started making bracelets and sold them at a recent show to a resounding success and the jewelry line was born. We hope to continue to build out the jewelry line to include designs created from wax castings that will continue to push the boundaries of creativity and design. 

Please don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or would like to see us include specific items or designs in our product offerings. We love hearing from you as your feedback is valuable to us.

Reach out to us at Talk to you soon!

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