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Compressed Cotton Towel with Water Reservoir

Compressed Cotton Towel with Water Reservoir

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Disposable cotton towels are made from plant-based fibers that are alcohol free, paraben free, dye free and contain no harsh chemicals. Gentle enough to use on the face, hands and body. Do not use on areas of the skin where it is cut or severely damaged.

Ideal for removing make-up, wiping hands, personal hygiene, and gentle enough to use on baby’s skin.

Magic Wipes are small in volume, light weight, easy to carry and are ideal for travel, backpack, purse or pocket. Wipes have a shelf life of 24 months or longer if the container is kept in a cool dry place and not breached.

Convenient, sturdy and disposable, wet cotton towels that refresh the face and hands. Each towel is 7.8 x 7 inches once the towel has made contact with the reservoir of water and unfurled.

Reservoir of water remains separate from the compressed towel until pressure is applied to the center of the unit forcing the towel to absorb the water and rise. Unroll the towel and use as needed.

Includes 50 Magic Wipes in a cotton drawstring bag for easy storage.