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Indoor Gardening Tool Kit

Indoor Gardening Tool Kit

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Indoor, Mini Gardening Hand Tool Kit includes 1 each: rake, shovel, spade, curved tip tweezer, straight tip tweezer, scissors, pruning scissors, watering bottle with curved mouth, cleaning brush, plastic bucket, seeding tool, scoop, waterproof mat, 4 x irrigation plant watering spikes, 3 biodegradable plant pots with peat pellets and 2 x transplanting tools with a cotton canvas bag to maintain all of the tools.

The spade, rake and shovel are made from lacquered iron with a sturdy wooden handle. The tweezers, pruning scissors and scissors are made from durable, rust resistant stainless steel. The other materials are made from high quality PP plastics that will not crack or dent.

Use the Biodegradable plant pots to jumpstart new seedings by placing the peat pellets into the pots and adding water to expand the pellets. Add your seeds and watch them grow. The Irrigation Plant Watering Spikes when attached with bottled water containers are ideal for watering your plants when you are away or if you forget to water them regularly.

Ideal for weeding, pruning, digging, soil loosening, hydroponics, succulents and watering to maintain healthy indoor plants all year round.

Tools are lightweight, easy to carry and portable. Easy clean. Perfect for the novice gardener and the hearty enthusiast.